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5 Easy Landscape Resolutions For YOUR Outdoor Space

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Every New Year is filled with promise and the possibility of extraordinary change. This year, resolve to take positive steps that benefit your exterior space. Enjoy your northern Michigan landscape more this year. More entertainment for family and friends. More time relaxing and enjoying the view. Choosing one or more of these easy resolutions will help make this happen.

1. Maintenance and Fertilization Services

Free your time by letting professionals handle weeding, fertilizing, pruning, and more. In addition to saving time, landscape maintenance professionals bring tremendous results and value missed when performing weed control and fertilization yourself.

  • To remain healthy Northern Turf grasses need 3-4lbs of nitrogen each year. Our typical 5-step program includes crabgrass preventative, grub prevention, and optimal levels of nitrogen throughout the year.
  • Just as crucial as fertilization and weed control are mowing and watering practices. Proper watering and mowing help keep a healthy, weed-free lawn. Mowing height also plays an essential role in overall turf health.
  • Pruning provides training for beautiful shape, but it also helps prevent devastating plant diseases.


2. Provide the Right Mulch

Resolve to make mulching a priority. Mulch helps retain water, discourages weeds, prevents soil compaction, and even helps create new soil. When you use products like our premium hardwood mulch, you’ll never find dyes, chemicals, or inferior wood sources.

  • We have both triple-processed hardwood and pine mulch available seasonally for pickup, or limited delivery for the avid do-it-yourselfer. When mulching around trees, make sure to leave space around the trunk. Direct contact can lead to decay. Also, keep mulch at a consistent depth, avoiding “volcanoes.”
  • For the ultimate in landscape resolution ease, let the professionals bring it and spread it at the optimal depth for you.


3. Add More Color

Northern Michigan residents enjoy four distinct seasons to the envy of those that only visit. Add vibrant color to your landscape with a varying palette of colors through every season. Our nursery and greenhouses provide our design and installation teams with an extensive selection of hardy, beautiful plants.

  • Seasonally, our greenhouse and nursery are open to the public – providing consumers with access to that same quality stock. See the landscaping nursery difference in quality that brings locals back every year to purchase flats of flowers, herbs, and other plants.
  • Add color as part of a new installation. Our design and planting-installation clients have access to exciting varieties of plants long after other suppliers are sold out.


4. Make Outdoor Spaces More Functional

Here are four things you can add this year for increased functionality and enjoyment:

  • Outdoor Kitchens. Ordinary cooking and entertaining are more enjoyable with summer kitchens.
  • Landscape water features. Imagine the possibilities with a new landscape water feature.
  • Fire pits or outdoor fireplaces. With countless sources of inspiration, consider these fire pit ideas. We offer design and expert installation.
  • Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting. We use the right composition of landscape lighting techniques to create beautiful and functional night landscapes.


5. Talk to a Design Professional

This resolution is easier than it sounds. Check it off your list with no more than a commitment to consultation. We’ll have a fun conversation to explore options and tease out creative ideas for outdoor spaces like yours. You’ll see behind-the-scenes examples of our many award-winning designs and the beautiful results when installed. There’s a remarkable difference between “doing some landscaping” and comprehensive, sophisticated landscape design.

If you lean towards the do-it-yourself side of landscaping resolutions and you love working outdoors – consider a season or even a stable, rewarding career with Drost.

We can help you with any of these resolutions.

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