Water Features

Landscape Water Features

Waterfall and landscape construction in northern Michigan

The only limitation to creating landscape water features is your imagination. Pool water features offer a sense of ambiance, style, and endless enjoyment. The serenity you’ll experience from the sights and sounds of your water features is incomparable, creating a peaceful pause in an otherwise busy world.

Let’s explore a few of the ways you can incorporate a landscape water feature, like pool waterfalls, into your landscape design. Below are some of the ways Drost Landscape has integrated unique water features into their designs.

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Endless Infinity

Enjoy the benefits of swimming laps without navigating flip-turns, or the hazards associated with open-water swimming. Swimming machines like Endless Pools® provide opportunities for clean, safe fitness to stay in great shape, from your home.

True to their name, Infinity pools and spas appear to have no end. Water gently flows over one or more of the edges, blending with the horizon or waterfront views.

Your pool can provide year-round enjoyment with temperature-controlled comfort and crystal-clear water. Locate your spa close to, or even in your pool for a seamless look, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of both pool and spa.

Falling Tranquility

The sound of falling water is relaxing, as it blocks background noises and soothes the soul. The effect of falling water does not need to come from a large, or complicated source. Waterfall designs can vary from small features, spilling water over a short edge to a babbling brook that transforms to magnificent waterfalls, plunging into a pool below. Pools of water at the top or bottom of any elevation may vary in size and function for use by plants, animals, or humans.

Some of the most breathtaking waterfalls break into swimming pools. Pool waterfalls can be designed using natural rock hardscapes, to create a dramatic effect. Adding several narrow falls from the side of an outdoor wall, cascading serenely into the pool below creates a subtle, sophisticated look.

Flowing Water

Incorporate flowing water into your landscape to add drama and surprise to the design. If you are fortunate enough to live next to a natural stream, this can become a whimsical feature to enjoy for years to come. No natural water element? No problem! Drost can recreate what mother nature designs, with a little creativity and craftsmanship from our team of design professionals and engineers.

Add intrigue to your flowing water by placing a footbridge over it or even a full driveway. How elegant or straightforward the crossing is a matter of taste, but each crossing should be engineered to fit the application and consider significant rain events so the water is properly handled in the event of heavy rain.

How fast your water flows is determined mainly by elevation changes and the capacity of pumps used. From a babbling brook to a slow, serene stream, the possibilities are endless.

Nature Tamed, Harnessed

When a water feature is part of your landscape design plan, it balances beauty and function. Create large or small ponds to attract wildlife or harness the beauty of a meandering stream or build a recreational space like a pool or spa that is framed by nature, but completely man-made.

Water features may also be used to help divert runoff from your roof’s downspout away from your home’s foundation.

Stormwater runoff can erode soil, causing erosion and damage to your landscape. Control this potential problem by diverting rainwater into a rain garden, or retaining pond and nature take over from there.

Now that you have a small taste of the many ways to incorporate water features into a landscape, give Drost a call. Clients all over northern Michigan have trusted us to design, engineer, and install countless unique and relaxing water features.