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Landscape Water Features

Stone Waterfall between birch trees

When dreaming up a landscape, it’s easy to focus on plants and hardscaping elements like paths or patios. It’s easy to forget that an important part of many landscape designs is the incorporation of another natural element: water! Flowing water brings a visual and auditory element to a landscape, creating a relaxing sensory experience in your own backyard. In terms of design, the only limitation in creating landscape water features is your imagination!

In this blog, we’re going to explore a few of the ways you can incorporate water features into your landscape design, including pools and spas, backyard waterfalls, and flowing streams.

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Endless Infinity

True to their name, infinity pools and spas appear to be endless. Water gently flows over one or more of the edges, blending with the horizon or waterfront views. Infinity edge pools and spas can incorporate intricate stone masonry. As water falls down over the edge of the pool, it becomes a water feature in its own right.

Your pool and spa can provide year-round enjoyment with temperature-controlled comfort and crystal-clear water. Locate them near your home for ease of access, whether you’re looking forward to hours spent splashing with the kids or long evenings relaxing.

Falling Tranquility

The sound of falling water is a relaxing addition to any landscape. Not only does it block out background noises, it also has calming effects and mental health benefits. Waterfall designs vary, from small, standalone features to large, ornate structures with many levels. Pools of water at the top or bottom can be incorporated, and natural changes in elevation can be used to create the structure of the waterfall.

Some of the most breathtaking waterfalls cascade into swimming pools. Pool waterfalls can be designed using natural rock hardscapes to create dramatic focal points. 

Flowing Water

Flowing water adds serenity and surprise to your landscape. If you are fortunate enough to live next to a natural stream or spring, this can become a component of your design and a beautiful feature to enjoy for years to come. No natural water element? No problem! Take a cue from the natural world and design a feature that incorporates natural stones and plenty of moisture-loving plants to create a water feature that feels like Mother Nature built it herself.

Combine landscaping elements by incorporating a path–or even a full driveway–over your water feature, or having a stream curve around a patio. If you’re looking for a babbling brook style feature, incorporate dramatic elevation changes; if a slow, serene stream is more your style, then take the elevation changes more gently.

Nature Harnessed

Water features balance design and function. Their benefits to the landscape include creating a habitat for small wildlife, like frogs and birds; redirecting runoff from a roofline, porch, or driveway; and adding peace and calm to the entire space. If you incorporate a pool or spa, you’ve automatically created a great place to gather with friends and family or relax on a quiet summer evening.

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