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2010 Cedar Valley Road
Petoskey, Michigan 49770

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PO Box 696
Petoskey, Michigan 49770

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Office: (231) 348-2624

Nursery: (231) 330-9550

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Tree Service

Trees can be a beautiful design element in your landscape, but they are also important to properly maintain as they provide shade, erosion control, wind barriers and wildlife habitat. Our tree service team are the leaders in northern Michigan for tree maintenance and removal. It takes a skilled eye, knowledge and specialized equipment to properly maintain and keep your trees healthy. Our Spider Lift allows our crew to trim, shape and remove trees in areas a bucket truck or crane cannot go. This specialized piece of equipment applies light pressure to the ground, so there is no damage to your lawn or patio.

Our tree service team is also trained to handle tree/limb removal in emergency situations such as downed power lines and blocked roads from storm damage. In some cases, a tree that has been damaged may be saved, and our experts can help you decide what to do next.

Our entire list of services includes tree removal, stump grinding, tree maintenance, lot clearing, brush chipping, woodland cleanup, emergency services, tree transplanting, lighting, and seasonal décor.

  • tree service and arborist training
  • a cheerful and experienced crew arrives on the job site - let's build something beautiful
  • we can bring down even the largest trees safely
  • tree service
  • experienced tree service in process, viewed from above with chainsaw for scale
  • tree service in every season
  • winter tree service
  • tree service view from above shuffleboard courts
  • tree service arborist hangs from a line
  • tree service safety training
  • tree service expert high in a birch tree without damaging it
  • tall bucket truck with tree removal in progress
  • experienced tree services provided by Drost Landscape
  • tree service involves climbing to prevent damage to trees and surrounding landscape
  • tree removal with the latest machinery
  • tree removal with the latest machinery
  • tree removal with the latest machinery
  • tree removal with the latest machinery
  • tree removal service with the latest machinery
  • Drost Landscape - tree service experts
  • Drost Landscape - tree service experts using a bucket truck
  • tree service
  • tree removal of large trees
  • removing a large tree
  • cheerful tree service technician
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