Managed Properties, HOA's, Municipal Properties

Our professional team will meet with your property manager and provide an estimate for contract work for your managed properties, association or municipal property. Scheduling work in a managed and timely manner prevents the need of an estimate for each individual job. Contract work provides help with long term planning and budget allocations, and allows associations to know pricing for their members.

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Pennsylvania Park Petoskey Tree Maintenance

Benefits of Contract Tree Services

  • Professional monitoring of trees ensures that issues such as disease or damage will be noticed before they become bigger problems
  • Tree maintenance, such as removing dangerous trees, trimming overhanging branches, and preventing storm damage, can be performed in a regular and timely manner
  • Allows for easier risk assessment of dangerous trees or branches before they become problematic
  • Enables one company to become familiar with the trees on your property or in the neighborhood to consistently care for them
  • Ensures you will receive quality, professional services every time

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