Lot Clearing

Our teams work year-round performing residential and commercial lot clearing. With ISA Certified Arborists, skilled climbers, specialized rigging equipment, 75-foot bucket trucks, two 72-foot and one 92-foot Spider Platforms, chippers, and a fleet of trucks, Drost has the people and the equipment to do the job safely, correctly and affordably. Call today to discuss scheduling for your next building project.

Tree service Drost truck lot clearing services
Drost lot clearing falling tree Petoskey

Woodland Clean-Up

Clearing out the brush and undergrowth in your woods not only creates a better visual aesthetic, it also improves the health of your property and reduces pest problems. Removing overhanging branches and shrubs from the edge of your lawn allows more sunlight through, helping grass and plantings to thrive. By trimming up the area where you and your family play, you can also reduce the tick population on your property by removing the shady places where ticks like to hide.

Brush Chipping

With our fleet of chippers and trucks, we have the capability to remove unsightly debris from your yard. If you’ve recently cleaned up brush or undergrowth from your woods and need help removing it, contact us now to schedule a pickup.

Tree Service tree chipping
Tree Service Drost chipper truck
Tree Service brush cleanup
Tree Service Brush Cleanup Raking
Tree Service Chipping a large tree

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