Water Features

We all want a place to relax and unwind–a space that fills us with calm in a hectic and busy world. Adding a water feature to your landscape brings a sense of peace through the quiet sounds of moving water. Ponds, streams, and waterfalls, as well as decorative fountains, create focal points, gathering places, and an overflowing feeling of serenity. We’ll handle the design, installation, and maintenance so all you have to do is close your eyes and rest.

Read below to learn more about our services and get inspired, or contact us now to discuss your water feature project.

Water Feature and Flowers
Water Feature pond

Our Process

  • Ponds – Whether in the sun or the shade, big or small, with fish or without, create a place to gather around.
  • Streams – Bring movement to your landscape through a water feature that travels from one location to another.
  • Waterfalls – Elevate your project with a water feature that makes the most of elevation changes.
  • Fountains – Create a focal point that brings visual interest and the calming sound of falling water.
  • Fire-and-water features – Amaze your guests with a feature that combines both fire and water.
Water Feature birch
Water Feature blue
Water Feature fountain
Water Feature falls
Water Feature cascade

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