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Premium hardwood mulch

Three-times Processed

Mulch processing is performed in a tub grinder with increasingly finer screens. Triple-processed mulch is great at holding moisture. Sometimes referred to as triple-hammered mulch, its finer texture makes this mulch easier to work with and spread.

Our in-house processed premium hardwood mulch is crafted in concert with our tree service from recycled stumps and large selections of nearly exclusively hardwoods. We never include less-desirable sources like old pallets which make their way into box-store bag mulch.


Because of its composition, this premium hardwood mulch is less likely to move with wind or water runoff. Over time, this versatile product adds vital nutrients like nitrogen as it breaks down and helps build soil. It still holds moisture levels and can lead to less-compacted soil too.

What to expect with premium hardwood mulch

Hardwood mulch tends to be lighter and fluffier (unlike wood chip shredded) than its softwood counterparts and should be spread thinner than its dense relative.

As a completely organic undyed mulch, this starts as a dark brown with golden highlights. Over time, it will lighten/fade with solar exposure.

Hardwood mulch should be spread thinner than its softwood counterparts. It can be mixed with soil, compost, or amendments for a custom potting mix.

Environmentally friendly

Rest assured, our premium hardwood mulch is never dyed and contains no chemicals. It’s just all-natural, recycled organic hardwoods.

Premium hardwood mulch - Triple Processed

Also Available: Pine Mulch

We also seasonally have a supply of premium triple-processed pine mulch available.

How to get it:

Limited quantities of our premium hardwood and premium pine mulches are available seasonally. Call our main office TODAY for availability and to schedule your pickup or delivery.

Delivery is available within approximately the immediate 25-30 mile radius.

Scheduled pickups are at our newest facility at 2010 River Road

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