Stone Waterfall between birch trees

Landscape Water Features

The only limitation to creating landscape water features is your imagination. Pool water features offer a sense of ambiance, style, and endless enjoyment. The serenity you’ll experience from the sights and sounds of your water features is incomparable, creating a peaceful pause in an otherwise busy world.

Let’s explore a few of the ways you can incorporate a landscape water feature, like pool waterfalls, into your landscape design. Below are some of the ways Drost Landscape has integrated unique water features into their designs.

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stone walkway through a lakefront wooded property adds beauty and functionality

8 Hardscape Elements You’ll Love

Put simply, hardscaping is a technique that utilizes durable materials to retain the surrounding soil or water to keep the desired landscape design. Use of hardscapes, as part of a landscape design, allow for more aesthetically pleasing designs that make the most of any space and make your home more enjoyable. No matter if you’re entertaining, relaxing, or enjoying the beautiful northern Michigan outdoors – hardscapes are behind the scenes making your home more functional and strikingly remarkable. To give you a better idea of what hardscaping entails, let’s explore some of the ways Drost has used hardscape techniques for our clients and ignite your imagination.

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