Drost Headquarters in Petoskey Michigan

3 Benefits of an On-site Nursery and Greenhouse

Since its founding in 1991, Drost has maintained its own greenhouses, nursery, and garden center. Doing so makes all the difference for both our company and your landscape installation.

The decision to integrate a nursery gave us unparalleled quality control of our products. We can manage the health, hardiness, and appearance of our plants that we use, providing our clients with nothing but the best.

Our reputation for quality has created a local following of plant lovers who visit out greenhouses every year to purchase their flats of flowers, herbs and other plants that we know will thrive in Northern Michigan.

Having an extensive selection of plants hardy to Northern Michigan in our operation on site provides our clients a greater selection of residential landscaping materials, including new and exciting varieties of plants that make your Michigan landscape remarkable. While we are not considered a native plant nursery, we carry many species of plants that are native to Northern Michigan. With more choices in our plant nursery, we’re able to maintain several varieties of ornamental trees, for example, that are often hard to find otherwise.

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United States partial satellite image showing snow over northern Michigan

Lake Michigan’s “Coastal-Effect”


When someone says they “live near the coast,” most individuals don’t think about northern Michigan. Northwest Michigan benefits from its proximity to Lake Michigan, keeping us warmer than we should be at this latitude as well as making it a very snowy place to live. Some days it seems as if it will never end, however, all of that precipitation creates opportunities not only for outdoor recreation but helps your landscape as well.

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Tree Service tree trimming rainbow

The Benefits of Trees: Health, Wealth, and Beauty

A premier provider of tree services in Michigan, Drost offers a full array of tree services which enhance the health, wealth, and beauty of your property – as well as your enjoyment of it. According to the USDA Forest Service “Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to a property’s value.” Let’s explore some of the unexpected ways that our northern tree service can enhance your property.

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