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3 Benefits of an On-site Nursery and Greenhouse

Drost Headquarters in Petoskey Michigan

Since its founding in 1991, Drost has maintained its own greenhouse and nursery space. Doing so makes all the difference for both our company and our client’s landscapes. In this blog, we’re going to go over three benefits our clients experience because of our on-site nursery and greenhouse.


The decision to include an on-site greenhouse and nursery space gave us unparalleled quality control of our products. We can manage the health, hardiness, and appearance of the plants that we use, providing our clients with nothing but the best.

Our reputation for quality has created a local following of plant lovers who visit our greenhouses every year to purchase flowers, herbs and vegetables, trees, and shrubs that we know will thrive in Northern Michigan.

Diversity & Availability

Having an extensive selection of plants hardy to Northern Michigan on site provides our clients with a greater selection of residential landscaping materials, including new and exciting varieties of plants that make Michigan landscapes remarkable. While we are not considered a native plant nursery, we carry many species of plants that are native to Northern Michigan. With more choices in our plant nursery, we’re able to maintain several varieties of ornamental trees, for example, that are often hard to find otherwise.

What makes a plant difficult to source isn’t just limited to its popularity. For some species of plants, there are only certain times of year you can dig or propagate them. By working with our clients, design team, and nursery manager, we can meet the needs of each landscape installation, having an appropriate supply of healthy and diverse plants ready to go. Because our plants are hosted here, we’re often able to begin planting them early in the season, giving them a great start in the spring.

Knowledge & Passion

Our professional staff has decades worth of knowledge, and they’re willing to share that knowledge with clients so that they get the most out of their visit to our plant nursery. Well-educated and trained in horticulture and botany, our nursery and greenhouse staff are enthusiastic about connecting people and plants where they live, work, and play.

Armed with the knowledge of which plants thrive well in Northern Michigan, we stock our greenhouses accordingly, bringing a full palette of beauty and hardiness. Take the Northern Catalpa Tree for example. (Pictured here) This is a gorgeous variety of flowering shade tree that not only is beautiful but grows well in hardiness zones 4 – 8.

Northern Catalpa - courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Click to Learn More from Arbor Day Foundation | Northern Catalpa - Image: Wikimedia Commons

The Drost Difference

When you choose Drost to design and build your outdoor space, we give our all so that you end up with a landscape that’s not only beautiful, but is also healthy and hardy enough to endure the Northern Michigan climate.

Spend some time with us at our nursery and garden center, and our staff will assist you in selecting beautiful plants for your landscape.