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3 Reasons Why Fall Planting is Great for Your Garden

Fall-blooming plants outside a greenhouse

Fall is moving in here in Northern Michigan, with cooler temperatures and a crisp breeze in the air. It’s got us thinking about warm cups of tea, cozy blankets, and what new plants we’ll be adding to the garden. Yep, you read that right! Fall planting offers a lot of great benefits, and we’re going to outline three reasons why you should be growing your garden this fall.

Reasons for fall planting

Cooler temperatures and more rainfall

One of the things that makes spring a great time to plant is one that makes fall a great time to plant, too: the weather is working in your favor! New plants need lots of water and do best when temperatures aren’t too hot. Both spring and fall boast plenty of rainfall and cooler temperatures, making them ideal seasons to put some new plants in your garden.

Fewer pests means fewer problems

As temperatures cool, many insects begin to die off or head into hibernation, including many of those garden pests we’ve been battling all summer. This means there are fewer pests on the prowl for your plants, giving them a better start in their new home. Certain weeds also become less aggressive at the end of the season, which creates less competition for resources with your new plants.

Ideal time for division

One of the greatest garden tricks is plant division–because it really ends up more like plant multiplication–but we promise there’s no math involved! Plant division is the act of splitting large plants into multiple pieces and planting the pieces as their own separate plants. Many plants benefit from division, and fall is a great time to do it. For more on how and when to divide specific plants, check out this article by Garden Gate.

Fall flowerbed with black-eyed Susans, mums, and hydrangeas

When you plant in the fall, you’re giving your garden a jumpstart on spring. For best results, follow the planting directions for the specific plant you’re putting in, and add a little more mulch on top than you would when planting in the spring. This creates an insulating layer over the roots, which helps protect them from the cold temperatures of a Northern Michigan winter. In the spring, you can remove some of the mulch and watch your new plants come back to life!

We hope this list has given you some ideas and inspiration for adding new plants to your garden this fall. If you’ve got plenty of ideas and inspiration but need some new plants, our on-site greenhouse is hosting a sale from September 19-30. We’re offering 25% off all non-specimen container plants, and even bigger discounts on our online site. Local delivery options are available, so come find your new favorite plants before they’re gone! From all of us at Team Drost, happy fall and happy planting!