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Everyone loves to bring a bit of the garden inside, and with cut-and-come-again flowers, you don’t have to worry about damaging your plants by snipping off those pretty blooms! Cut-and-come-again flowers produce more blooms the more you harvest them, allowing you to create a beautiful bouquet from your very own garden all summer long. Click the button below to browse our selection of cut-and-come again varieties.

While many plants benefit from removing spent blooms, and some may offer a second wave of blooms after removing the first, cut-and-come-again flowers will produce new blooms all season long if the spent blooms are removed before they go to seed.

When harvesting your cut-and-come-again flowers, determine how long you’d like the stem to be, then snip the stem with a sharp pair of scissors or gardening sheers, just above the nearest set of leaves. New stems will begin to branch off where the leaves meet the main stem, producing more and more blooms as the season progresses!

Popular cut-and-come-again flowers include cosmos, snapdragons, zinnias, asters, and dianthus, but the options certainly don’t stop there. In fact, there are so many cut-and-come-again varieties that some people create entire cut-and-come-again gardens! Due to their long blooming season, cut-and-come-again flowers are excellent additions to any garden or perfect for adding continuous color to planters or window boxes. And because many cut-and-come-again flowers are annuals, you can experiment with different varieties to find those that grow best in your garden, or mix up your color palette year after year however you please.

There certainly are plenty of possibilities with cut-and-come-again flowers, so have fun with them!

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