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Helical Piles  and Retaining Walls

Soil hydrology problems?

The landscape construction experts have a foundational solution. Helical piles.

What are helical piles?

Helical piles, also known as helical piers, or screw piles, are a deep foundation system. This system is perfect for new builds and existing structures alike for a cost-effective remedy to soil hydrology issues.


    1. Fast installation with immediate load bearing. 
    2. Deep foundations even in difficult locations.
    3. Minimal site disturbance and environmental impact.
    4. Less vibration and noise than pile-driving.

Paired with retaining walls, this technology serves as fantasic tieback anchors.

Retaining walls

Installation of helical piles can be performed at angles, and even horizontally. The technology is well-suited for both permanent and temporary retaining walls.

Lakefront homes

Helical foundations can be placed in soils from stiff clay to loose sand, even with high water tables present. Lakefront home construction or remediation is no problem.

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Correct installation techniques are critical to the best engineering outcomes. Trust the experts at Drost Landscape.

Contractor service

Drost Landscape’s construction divison works with builders and contractors just like you.

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